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Finesmash™ Cordless Electric Pruning Shear

Are you tired of pruning and trimming your trees using manual shears?

The Finesmash is a cordless pruning shear that allows you to prune your trees effortlessly by just a press of a trigger!

Many people get passionate about gardening & being outdoors during spring. According to research, gardeners have a high rate of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our Electric Pruning Shear is perfect choice for you! 


✔️Cordless, Sharp & Powerful: 

The blades are made from high carbon steel which makes it strong & durable. It's extremely sharp and durable, making it easy to cut 1.4 inch / 35mm hard branchesand will not damage the branches, so disease between plants is minimized after each cut.
This cordless pruner is 8-10 times more powerful & will have 3-5 times longer lifespan than a conventional pruner because it uses a brushless motor!

✔️Ergonomic Non-Slip Handheld Design:

It has an ergonomic non-slip handheld design with shock-absorbing pads, The Electric Pruning Shear fits small to large hands, can help reduce repetitive hand motion injuries hand fatigue wrist strain.

✔️High Efficiency & Performance:

It comes with 2 rechargeable lithium batteries that allow you to use the electrical pruner for 6-8 hours with fully charged batteries!

✔️Avoids Fatigue & Stress On Hands, Protects Fingers:

This is a power pruner almost anyone can use. The design especially a great helper for people with injured hands and arthritis hands. And also prevent people with high intensity labor from Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMIs)/Repetitive Strain Injury.

✔️Lightweight & Portable:

It is lightweight, portable & handy too! Great for all kinds of gardens, parks, farms, orchards & greenhouses!



Main Materials: PVC, Metal
Voltage: 110-220V
Operating Voltage: 128V
Battery: Lithium battery
Lithium Battery: 128V
Charging voltage: AC110v-220v
Charging duration: 1-1.5h
Operating duration: 3-4h
Power: 1000W
Cutting Range: 35mm Vine branches
Operating Temperature: 14°F~149°F (-10℃-65℃)

Package included:
1 x Electric Pruning Shear
2 x Lithium Battery
1 x Battery Charger
A Set of Accessories
Gardening Made Effortlessly!

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